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Give me one minute of your time and I’ll show you what Mastering sounds like... Just toggle back and forth to hear the fullness of the drums and the edge on the guitar AFTER mastering has been executed. 

What is


Mastering is the art of critical listening.

It involves precise adjustments, proper formatting, and a little witchcraft to make your music come across as professional, impactful, and ready for commercial CD pressing, 

Vinyl pressing, or online Digital distribution.


Mastering is the glue that makes your mix sound like a record. It is what gives a collection of individual songs continuity and makes your record tell a meaningful story. Mastering is crucial for the accurate translation of your music across a wide variety of playback systems and is necessary for proper encoding and formatting for streaming formats such as Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, and Soundcloud. 


Mastering is the practice of using exceptional technique, tools and gear to polish up a mix and let the music shine clearly. 

Mastering is like cleaning a dusty mirror.



Without mastering, songs can sound disjointed and dissimilar when played together with others. Without the corrective measures used in the mastering process, the flaws that may be present in your mix will be present in the final product. Without the corrective EQ and Dynamics control used in the mastering process, your music may sound thin and weak or overly boomy. It may not achieve the punch and impact upon playback that it will achieve with proper mastering. 

In short, it will not reach it's full potential.

What is the difference

between mixing and mastering?

Many people confuse and conflate the terms "Mixing" and "Mastering".

In reality, the concepts behind the two processes are quite simple:



Mixing is the manipulation of tracks within a muti-track recording. 

It's about balancing the different components into a cohesive whole.


Mastering is the manipulation of the final 2 track stereo mixdown.

It's about adjusting the overall sound and polishing to perfection.  

What steps does mastering include?


Mastering Services Can Include:

  • Corrective EQ

  • Adjustment of dynamic range

  • Forensic audio restoration

  • Noise reduction

  • Stereo field/spacial optimization

  • Bass enhancement

  • Peak reduction

  • Editing

  • Sequencing

  • Fade ins and outs

CD Production Master:

  • Proper word length, sample rate, and dither

  • Embedding PQ(band/song) metadata 

  • Embedding ISRC code (if supplied) metadata

  • Provide DDPi fileset with checksum for CD plant

  • Ensure broadcast-standard loudness of master

  • Ensure mono compatibility for all systems


Online Streaming Master:

  • Proper word length and sample rate

  • Ensure formatting to the specifications of streaming services

  • Ensure LUFS loudness to submission standards of streaming services

Digital Download Master:

Vinyl Pre-Master:

  • Elliptical EQ of low frequencies

  • Acceleration limiting of high/sibilant frequencies

  • Ensure proper dynamic range for lacquer cutting

"Mastering is like cleaning a dusty mirror."

- Jack Control  Mastering Engineer

What mastering

gear do you use?

Analog Outboard Gear By:

  • D.W. Fearn

  • Thermionic Culture

  • Dangerous Music

  • Tegeler Audio

  • Louder Than Liftoff

  • Etec Denmark

  • Rupert Neve Designs

  • Gainlab Audio

  • Goly Audio

  • Empirical Labs

  • Black Box Analog Design

  • A Designs Audio

  • Wes Audio

  • SPL Audio

Monitoring By:

  • PSI Audio A17M

  • PSI Sub A125-M

  • Trinnov ST2 Pro

Mastering Software By:

  • Enormous Door Digital

  • FabFilter

  • Brainworx

  • Universal Audio

  • Hofa 

  • Oeksound 

  • Soundtheory 

  • Weiss Digital

  • Leapwing Audio

  • Softube

  • Tokyo Dawn Labs

  • DMG Audio

  • Izotope

  • Masterlab Audio

  • TC Electronics

  • Mathew Lane

  • Sonible

  • Eventide