Here's How The Process Goes:

  1. Once we agree to work together, go ahead and upload your files to me.

  2. I will check that everything is in order.

  3. When you upload files to me, I will email you a payment invoice.  

  4. Please pay in advance so I can schedule your session. 

  5. Using your notes, the first round of mastering is executed and delivered.

  6. Please review ASAP and let me know if changes are needed. 

  7. I will tweak and send revisions ASAP.

  8. Please let me know that you are satisfied so I can archive the session.  


When You Upload Files To Us:

  • To get best results, give us the original source WAV or AIFF files.

  • Do not send mixes that have been imported into iTunes or converted to MP3. 

  • Print the mix with no digital overs and no limiting or other processing.  

  • Keep levels WELL below 0 dBFS. -5 dBFS should be fine.  

  • Export as stereo interleaved WAV or AIFF files.  

  • DO NOT send us MP3, FLAC, or WMA files. 

  • Do not perform Sample Rate Conversion or Bit Depth Conversion.

  • No limiters, clippers, or heavy dynamics processing on the master buss.

Label files clearly with Artist Name and Song Title. Please include notes specifying Album Title and Song Titles in correct sequence as well as Side A/Side B information, and prefered RPM speed for vinyl. If you have obtained ISRC codes for CD please include these as well.  




BIT DEPTH: 16, 24, OR 32


HEADROOM (peak): -3dBFS max

DYNAMIC RANGE: More is better than less

When You Receive Master Files:

When we deliver your finished vinyl and/or digital master, we prefer to send high quality WAV files for vinyl master, and DDPi fileset with checksum for digital master. DDPi stands for Disc Description Protocol Image. A DDPi is essentially a digital file set version of a Production Master CD. All PQ data including CD Text, ISRC codes and a UPC code can be contained within the digital file set. The information contained within these digital files is EXACTLY the same as what would be burned to a physical Production Master CD. The physical CD-R is prone to defects and corruptions and is no longer required for submitting your project to most vinyl and CD pressing plants.  

When you receive master ZIP files from us, they will contain all the information the plant needs to complete your project:  




  • High resolution WAV files for both sides A & B with all songs in correct sequence, with correct spacing between songs.

  • Cue sheets for both sides A & B detailing start and end times as well as proper spacing between songs.



  • DDPi fileset with checksum verification, artist/song information(metadata), as well as ISRC codes if supplied by client.

  • CD cue sheet detailing RedBook certified pre-gaps, as well as all start and end times for each song.


Upon receipt of masters - DO NOT import these files into itunes! 

DO NOT attempt to burn a CD-R to submit to plant!

(These masters you have received have very specific formatting that can be compromised by itunes and burning software.)


Your lacquer cutting engineer or pressing plant should give you instructions about how to deliver these files to them. Most will use an FTP server to which you can simply drag and drop the master ZIP files and upload. (If for some reason you require a physical PRODUCTION MASTER CD, we will be happy to burn one correctly for you.)