A Look Behind The Door:

"This is the way it was always MEANT to sound!"

- Jerry A (Poison Idea)


"I've never had a better drum sound in my life.

We should have mastered with you from day one." 

- Gylve "Fenriz" Nagell (Darkthrone)


"Best punk mastering period. No comparison. Everyone

raves about the sound of the records. Now you know why." 

- Rick Hostage (Hostage Records)


Jack Control is a life-long veteran of the extreme music community. Fronting the bands SEVERED HEAD OF STATE, WORLD BURNS TO DEATH, and BUTCHER, he has traveled across 41 countries, playing over 643 shows and has amassed a discography that includes 28 records and over 217 songs.


Jack has spent the past 28 years operating within most functions of music production. In addition to running his own Mind Control Records label, he has worked hand in hand with pressing plants around the world to help manufacture records for his many clients. He has spent thousands of hours in recording studios crafting powerful and heavy music. He is a sought after record producer and mastering engineer who has worked in tandem with industry giants.  Jack has mastered landmark releases for record labels such as Peaceville, Magic Bullet, Tee Pee, Century Media, etc... 

He is a trusted collaborator for influential bands like Portland's Kings of Punk POISON IDEA and Norway's Godfathers of Black Metal DARKTHRONE.


Decades after starting his journey, Control brings masterful experience, cutting edge technique, and some damn good ears to each and every project. 




What's the deal with the name?

"Can you hear the sound of an enormous door slamming in the depths of Hell?"

- DISCHARGE "The Possibility Of Life's Destruction"(1980)